Saturday, April 30, 2011

Subbing in New York--a fringe benefit . . .

. . . is finding yourself on a new block in a new neighborhood.

For all the years I've lived in New York, all the streets and blocks, especially downtown, that I've walked along countless times, there are many more, in other neighborhoods, that I haven't.

Yesterday, maybe for the first time ever, I exited the A train at Dyckman, and certainly for the first time ever walked east on Dyckman from Broadway to 10th Avenue.

A thrilling reminder of how much of this city is still new to me.

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Jeff H. said...

Hey, Kathryn, I followed your LinkedIn profile to your blog. Encountered a familiar name--Dyckman, not far from where i spent the first 7 or 8 years of my life at West 193rd Street & Broadway. I can recall some red-brick post-World War II apartment houses we used to call the "Dyckman Project." I also remember hearing in the 1950s that the buildings had been constructed on landfill and were showing signs of sinking. Many of the features of this area that were familiar to me as a child-- Fort Tryon, Highbridge Park, and the picnic areas fronting the Harlem River, along a route we called the "speedway" -- are referenced in another posting I came across this evening: .

Hope you're doing well. The major news on our front is that Marcia has retired, and the two of us have returned to Monmouth County, Nj, not far from the house where you visited us at least 25 years ago.

Jeff H.