Monday, October 19, 2009

Subtext of the Week


. . . read the headline on an ad I glimpsed through a subway window on Saturday. Below was the headless image of a lithe model, clad in white short shorts and brief, midriff-baring top, doing a backbend.

Look closer at what, I wondered--shoulders, knees, crotch?

Reading the text to the right of the model, I learned that she was advertising, not a yoga or exercise studio, but a giant health insurance company. Can't recall the exact words, but the message was something about "how well we've got you covered."

They'd chosen an odd image for such a message, but a revealing one. The model displayed about as little coverage as is likely allowed on a subway platform.

To me, the ad said--with more truth in advertising than was likely intended:

This company will give you the bare minimum of coverage.

And come winter--or when you really need it--you'll be out in the cold.

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