Saturday, July 11, 2009

Don't Miss The Norman Conquests!

You have two more weeks to catch The Old Vic's terrific production of Alan Ayckbourn's tour-de-force.

I saw Round and Round the Garden two nights ago and was hooked--jumped at the chance to see Table Manners this morning at the disturbingly early hour of 11:30. It's performed then on Saturdays, as the nominal part I of the trilogy, so that those who so choose can see the whole thing in one day.

And if you see one part, no matter which, I guarantee you'll want to see the whole thing.

As fine as Garden was on its own, I can't imagine having missed Table Manners--poignant and wrenching as it is hilarious--and can't wait to savor the delights of Living Together.

Circle in the Square , through July 26.

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