Monday, June 22, 2009

Messing with a Classic, Part I

I grew up eating Hellman's mayonnaise in or on many things--it was my family's dressing of choice for artichokes and asparagus. Recently Jim bought a jar of Hellman's that boasted olive oil as an ingredient. Oh, goody, I thought--it'll be even better. Boy, was I wrong!

Unfortunately, besides olive oil, this new Hellman's contains, of all things, sugar. Sugar in mayonnaise??? Sure, if you like it in scrambled eggs or you're a fan of Miracle Whip.

I'm now wondering whether the original Hellman's exists anymore. Luckily the Trader Joe's organic mayonnaise I bought recently is a good subsitute. No olive oil, but no sugar either. I'm about to eat some on broccoli.


Susanne said...

Yes, the original Hellmann's still exists! I bought some the other day, mixed a dollop with chives, lemon juice, salt & pepper, and used it to garnish hard-boiled eggs and steamed asparagus. Look for the label that reads, "Hellmann's Real Mayonnaise".

Kathryn Paulsen said...

Good news! Thanks.